Believing in myself

Dear diary,

Yesterday was quite a melo day. A few unpleasant news was brought to my attention. Mostly about my job. But I would like to highlight just one news today.

Firstly, there is a possibility that my colleagues will be transferred out from this centre and into another centre. What’s not good is that one of them is from my class. This means, I will be doing the activities all by myself. And I’m not sure if I can do this as good as her. She has been a great mentor and friend. If only I can do something so that she can stay.. However, I am in no position to help this out. I must be mentally and physically prepared. There are a lot of things I need to focus my energy and mind to. And that is, piles and piles of paperwork, the class display, the learning centres, the activity materials and more! A lot of planning, preparation, evaluation, reflecting.. Hence, I might be posting less blog posts starting this week. I hope to still share my thoughts and the things i read here on my blog. 

Until next time!

Warm regards,

Teacher Fatin


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